Spring 2008 Edition


“Gender and the Life-Course Theory of Crime: Developing a Model to Explain Women’s Desistance from Delinquency”
Kelley Moult
Published: May 2008

“What Explains the Variation in Economic Performance among Arab Countries? A Time-Series Analysis (1996-2006)”
Mohamed Alaa Abdel-Moneim
Published: May 2008

“Immigration and Wages: The American Dream and Its Consequences”
Heather Cohen
Published: May 2008

“Dimensions of Public School District Consolidation”
Kate McGreevy
Published: May 2008

“The Game of Steroids? An Assessment of the Impact of Sports Participation on Steroid Use among High School Students”
Dominique Melissinos
Published: May 2008

“The Effect of Socioeconomic Status on the Number of Women in State Legislatures”
Jessica Saracino
Published: May 2008