The Self-Limiting Senate

By Eden Iscil — In a political era known for its toxic partisanship, substandard bills, and restrictive legislative process tightly controlled by leadership, to argue that complex Senate rules somehow produce the opposite is nonsensical and far removed from reality.

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How to Incentivize the Government to Prevent the Next Disaster

By Emily Hoofnagle — The past two decades have afforded the United States no shortage of disasters. From Hurricane Katrina to the 2008 financial crisis, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and the ongoing pandemic, each year seems to bring a new disaster, with the mega-crisis of global warming looming on the horizon. The federal government should have foreseen or avoided each of these disasters.

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The Case for Cancelling Student Debt

By Samuel Murray — The student debt crisis in the U.S. affects nearly one in every five adults. We are rapidly approaching $2 trillion of student debt held by over 45 million Americans. Fifty five percent of people under 30 who went to college took on debt. The U.S. must act now to alleviate this burden as a direct form of stimulus to millions of American.

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America’s Dangerous Obsession with Abstractions of Freedom

by Samuel Murray, columnist Americans from all political backgrounds unite around one abstract tenant of our political life: freedom. Since the declaration of independence was defiantly written, signaling a motion to end the tyranny of the British monarch on the colonizers of North America – a series of increasing returns towards the notion of American […]

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Congress Needs to Pass a Substantive Economic Stimulus Package

by Samuel Murray, columnist America is in an uncomfortable situation for unemployment, stimulus relief, for substantive policy action. Congress is back from Thanksgiving recess before another Christmas recess, set to formally reconvene again on January 3. Newly elected Senator Mark Kelly of Arizona was recently sworn in the Senate, and we continue to await the […]

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