Fall 2020


“Health Disparities Experienced by LGBTQ+ Older Adults”
Hannah Diamond

“Can A Higher Minimum Wage Rate Help Close The Persistent Racial Wage And Earnings Gaps?”
Kimberly McKee

“Colonial Political Thought and Independence”
Daniel Mullin

“Great Streets Small Business Grant Program: Criminological Effects in Washington, D.C.’s Emerging Corridors”
April Hurry & Meghan Ballard

“Analyzing the Effectiveness of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Program”
Prateek Patel

“Public Policy Process and ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell'”
Dakota Strode

“Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact: Coordinating Climate Change Response Through New Government Structures”
Caroline Nickerson

“Where the Sidewalk Ends: Built Environment Decline and Depression”
Olivia Savage & Karlee Naylon

“Political Participation Among Politically Active Women Post-2016”
Jacqueline Pelella

“Putting Stock in Students: Exploring Effective Retention Efforts on College Campuses”
Holly Turcich

“The Federal Job Guarantee: A Hopeful Plan That’s Too Expensive to Deliver”
Prateek Patel

“A Case Study on the Drug Enforcement Administration Marijuana Growers Program”
Arsene Frederic