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COVID-19 Exposes Inhumanity in the Social Justice System

Call to Action and Curving the Spread of COVID-19 by Christ-Shamma Matalbert, resident editor & columnist COVID-19 has and continues to impact each of us differently; however, the pandemic has further revealed how the United States has continuously failed to address the country’s disparities. COVID-19 has shown Americans that minority communities are the most vulnerable and […]

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COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Must be Equitable and Cooperative

by Samuel Murray, columnist The COVID-19 pandemic may feel like it is never going to end. In the United States alone, we are seeing a surge larger than ever, with over the 150,000 new cases daily hitting most severely across middle America and growing in the Northeast and West. However, a recent development may completely […]

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Utilizing Modern Monetary Theory to Provide COVID-19 Relief to the American People

by Erin Williams, managing print editor Since the start of the COVID-19 global health pandemic, Congress has authorized approximately $3 trillion of relief to businesses, corporations, individuals, state and local governments and more. However, the largest portion of spending went toward businesses and corporations (about $1.86 trillion), more than double the amount provided for individual […]

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Can Eating a Plant-Based Diet Really Help Save the Planet?

by Erin Williams, managing print editor The current climate crisis is evidenced by rising global temperatures, warming ocean temperatures, shrinking ice sheets, glacial retreats, decreased snow cover, rising sea levels, declining arctic sea ice, extreme weather events, and ocean acidification. Additionally, a UN scientist has warned that we have just 10 years to get climate […]

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Health, Race & Ethnicity

COVID-19 in Vulnerable Communities: Past Public Health Failures Threaten Successful Rollout of Vaccine Candidates

by Arsene Frederic Jr. This spring, governors and local officials across the U.S issued executive orders to halt public gatherings and close non-essential businesses to reduce the spread of COVID-19. In a swift response, the Trump Administration convened Operation Warp Speed to facilitate and accelerate the development, manufacturing and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, therapeutics and […]

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