Economics, Social Policy

The Myth of the “Labor Shortage”

By Sam Murray — As COVID-19 continues to overwhelm and disrupt employment, American workers must unionize their workplaces and demand better labor conditions, higher wages, paid leave, rent control, access to healthcare and more to ensure a better quality of life for all. We do not have a labor shortage; we have a shortage of jobs that treat workers like people with dignity.

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Education, Gender, International

Investing in Girls’ Education: A Transformative Development Strategy

By Parnian Abunasr-Shiraz — Girls’ access to education needs to become a strategic development priority in low- and middle-income countries. Investments in girls’ education spur economic growth and ensure women have the autonomy to make their own financial and reproductive decisions, have fewer and healthier children, participate in the labor market and live more prosperous lives.

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Health, Justice, Race & Ethnicity

COVID-19 Exposes Inhumanity in the Social Justice System

Call to Action and Curving the Spread of COVID-19 by Christ-Shamma Matalbert, resident editor & columnist COVID-19 has and continues to impact each of us differently; however, the pandemic has further revealed how the United States has continuously failed to address the country’s disparities. COVID-19 has shown Americans that minority communities are the most vulnerable and […]

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Justice, Race & Ethnicity

Reimagining American Policing

by Samuel Murray, columnist The United States may be undergoing the largest civil rights movement in American history. The Black Lives Matter protests, beginning on May 26 and surging in June, emerged in response to the police killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, the murder of a jogger Ahmed Arbury, and the racial profiling […]

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Economics, Housing Policy, Politics, Race & Ethnicity

Trump’s Racist Appeal to Suburbia and Its Place in the U.S. History of Housing Segregation

by Amanda Hermans, managing online editor In July of this year, President Trump sent a series of tweets to “The Suburban Housewives of America.” “Biden will destroy your neighborhood and your American Dream,” one tweet claimed. “I will preserve it, and make it even better!” Another touted, “I am happy to inform all of the […]

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Politics, Race & Ethnicity

America Lacks an Equal, Representative Voting System

by Samuel Murray, columnist As we enter the final weeks before the presidential election, many Americans are concerned about something that should be so simple: voting. Particularly in this election, with an enormous amount of mail-in and early in-person voting, many are asking, “How should I vote?” and “Will my vote be counted?” Voting and […]

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