The Self-Limiting Senate

By Eden Iscil — In a political era known for its toxic partisanship, substandard bills, and restrictive legislative process tightly controlled by leadership, to argue that complex Senate rules somehow produce the opposite is nonsensical and far removed from reality.

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Environment & Energy

Is There Something ‘Fishy’ with 30×30?

By Julia Singer — The world urgently needs environmental policy reform. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, federal law protects 23% of U.S. oceans, but critics of current protections note that 99% of these protected areas are in the remote Pacific and do not effectively preserve biodiversity across the country.

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Building Back America’s Labor Unions

By Samuel Murray — While unions are still prevalent across many industries, membership as a percentage of the workforce has declined by about half since 1983. In 1983, about 20% of the workforce were union members, compared with 10.8% of the workforce today.

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