Volume 2

Spring 2004 Edition


Evaluation of the HACU National Internship Program: Increasing the Number of Hispanics in the Federal Workforce

Jeanette Contreras

The Moderation in Political Islam in Turkey: The Case of the Justice and Development Party

Seda Demiralp

Perfectionism, Liberalism, and Coercion: Implications for Global Ethics

David P. Doré

¿Cuanto Cuesta? Market-Based Solutions to Forest Conservation in Costa Rica

Andrea Fisher

Knowledge Management at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory: History, Potential, and Challenges

Shani C. Hernandez

Does Better E-government Increase Transparency? An Empirical Study of E-government and Corruption

Jennifer Hill

Program Evaluation: The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002

Greg Rollins