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N.B.A. — No Bad-Mouthing Allowed

By Lennet Penate — Amid growing opposition to China’s repressive policies, the NBA is attempting to balance their players’ and associations’ voices with millions of fans while playing nice with the CCP and profiting from China’s lucrative market.

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Education, Gender, International

Investing in Girls’ Education: A Transformative Development Strategy

By Parnian Abunasr-Shiraz — Girls’ access to education needs to become a strategic development priority in low- and middle-income countries. Investments in girls’ education spur economic growth and ensure women have the autonomy to make their own financial and reproductive decisions, have fewer and healthier children, participate in the labor market and live more prosperous lives.

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Immigration, International

Addressing Northern Triangle Migration Through U.S. Foreign Aid

by Parnian Abunasr-Shiraz, MPP ’22 An unprecedented number of migrants arriving in caravans from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador—referred to as the “Northern Triangle”—led the Trump Administration to act on its policy pledge to reduce illegal immigration by cutting foreign aid to the three countries in 2019. But cutting foreign aid to these Northern Triangle […]

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