Undocumented Immigrants Deserve Better Policies

By Samuel Murray — If changes to the United States immigration system are to stay, there needs to be a systematic overhaul in how undocumented immigrants are perceived, treated, and talked about. The debate around immigration should be reframed so that it centralizes empathy, compassion, and caring for those who may be escaping poor living conditions or threats of violence.

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Immigration, Race & Ethnicity

Immigration Discourse in America

by Marcel Akhame, columnist American immigration policy faces a wide variety of challenges, beginning with how we discuss immigrants and their experiences. For instance, the almost exclusive focus on Latinx immigrants, particularly those from Mexico, has led to xenophobia and inept immigration policy. Second, the American ‘melting pot’ framework often fails to recognize the varied […]

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Immigration, International

Addressing Northern Triangle Migration Through U.S. Foreign Aid

by Parnian Abunasr-Shiraz, MPP ’22 An unprecedented number of migrants arriving in caravans from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador—referred to as the “Northern Triangle”—led the Trump Administration to act on its policy pledge to reduce illegal immigration by cutting foreign aid to the three countries in 2019. But cutting foreign aid to these Northern Triangle […]

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Immigration, Politics

Threats to Overturn Birthright Citizenship

By: Shea Lamanna  President Trump has recently spoken publicly about his skepticism over the United States’ Birthright Citizenship Policy. The discussion over the revocation of Birthright Citizenship has emerged as a potential strategy to lower the number of individuals in the United States as a result of immigration and to prevent the availability of citizenship […]

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