Sahiba Kaur

How the 2020 South Carolina Senate Race Foreshadows a Possible Republican Sweep in 2022

This article analyzes the South Carolina U.S. Senate race between incumbent Senator Lindsey Graham and former Democratic Party Chairman Jaime Harrison. We detail the history of South Carolina Senate races, explore the political legacies of Graham and Harrison, and compare the sources and uses of donations that fueled a historically expensive race. Our analysis concludes that despite increasing competitiveness for Democrats in conservative strongholds, the Harrison-Graham race should have been a sobering bellwether of diminishing confidence among the national electorate in the Democratic Party.

U.S. Silence on India’s Undemocratic Farming Bills

250 million farmers and activists are protesting throughout India against three farming bills recently passed through an ordinance by Prime Minister Modi and his government. In short, the farming bills deregulate agriculture, paving the way for the private sector to exploit and monopolize agricultural commodities. Indian farmers are outraged by the passing of these laws, claiming it will ruin their livelihoods and increase their already existing debt.