A Map for the Future: Oklahoma City’s Metropolitan Area Projects as a Case Study for Successful Urban Planning

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April 2018

In 1993, Oklahoma City (OKC) introduced the Metropolitan Area Projects (MAPS), a successful sales-tax funded program to revitalize the city. MAPS 3 is the third wave of this program, funding several infrastructure projects including the OKC Convention Center and the Riversport Rapids whitewater rafting and kayaking center. MAPS 3 serves as a case study for a successful government revitalization project with effective community collaboration, bringing together citizens through community meetings and a citizen advisory board, businesses through robust support by the OKC Chamber of Commerce, and over two decades of city leadership. MAPS 3 was successful because of four key elements: (1) A one-percent sales tax that ensures efficiency and transparency; (2) Community engagement that generates support for the project initiatives; (3) A citizen advisory board that maximizes efficient flow and encourages representativeness and; (4) Public-private partnerships that allocate resources efficiently and involve the private sector in city development.