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When Self-Regulation Is Not Enough: A Look at Food Marketing to Children

Childhood obesity is a problem that has received a growing amount of national attention, largely due to Michelle Obama’s health initiatives as First Lady. One area related to child well-being that has yet to see a lot of policy development is food marketing to children. Currently, food marketing is self-regulated by the advertising industry through programs […]

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Charter Schools may be Important for the Urban Poor

A recent Upshot article written by Susan Dynarski from the University of Michigan suggests that charter schools provide the most benefit to students in poor, urban areas. Recent research I conducted with my colleague Elizabeth Bersin on DC Charter Schools also bears out this conclusion. Who Benefits? Non-White, Low-Income Students in Urban Areas Dr. Dynarski’s […]

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The Rising Price of Generics

If you or someone you know takes prescription drugs regularly, you may have noticed some changes in the co-pay over the past few months. The story that Charles Ornstein references in his blog Upshot for the New York Times may be your story as well.  He received confusing answers from his insurance company as to why […]

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