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Buckle Up, America: We’re Going to Feel the Effects of Healthcare Rule Changes and Mandate Repeal

By: Annaliese Johnson Back in July of 2018, the Trump Administration issued new rules that expanded short-term limited-duration insurance (STLDI) plans and association health plans (AHPs). Congress also reduced the tax penalty of the individual mandate to $0 starting in 2019, and a Federal judge found the individual mandate unconstitutional (though the Supreme Court may […]

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Why Are Our Elections So Broken?

By: Kimberly McKee Now that we have had time to recover from the mid-term elections and the holidays, perhaps it is a good time to examine U.S. electoral systems. If your circle of friends is like mine, you have probably had countless conversations about how “broken” the system is: spoiler candidates, virtual hopelessness of third-party […]

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Threats to Overturn Birthright Citizenship

By: Shea Lamanna  President Trump has recently spoken publicly about his skepticism over the United States’ Birthright Citizenship Policy. The discussion over the revocation of Birthright Citizenship has emerged as a potential strategy to lower the number of individuals in the United States as a result of immigration and to prevent the availability of citizenship […]

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