2018-2019 Executive Board:

Indira Bhattacharjee, Editor in Chief
Indira Bhattacharjee is a second year student in the Master’s of Public Policy program and is Editor in Chief for PPJ. Her policy interests are immigration and detention center reform. She is passionate about immigrant rights, having assisted with visa petitions and promoting awareness about the need for inclusive immigration reform. Prior to AU, Indira worked at several non-profits helping intellectually and physically disadvantaged adults/children, asylees/refugees, victims of human trafficking, and DACA recipients. During her time at AU, Indira has interned at A Wider Circle in their Workforce Development department helping local DMV residents find job opportunities and achieving financial independence through employment. She has also worked at the Washington College of Law as a Graduate Admissions Assistant, working to help prospective students both domestic and abroad further their legal expertise in the LL.M. and SJD programs. She is currently a Pathways Intern at the Department of Homeland Security in the GAO/OIG Audit Liaison unit working toward facilitating audits DHS-wide.

Indira Bhattacharjee, Interim President

Farrah Pappa, Managing Online Editor
Farrah is currently pursuing her Master’s in Public Policy, with a concentration in Education Policy at American University. Her goal is to obtain the necessary skills to advocate and consult with state actors on K12 school reform, urban education problems and equal opportunity, in hopes of providing our youth with a rehabilitated education system. Through her volunteer experience in a downtown St. Louis school, Farrah was exposed to the disparities of resources that inner city schools face. The students’ resiliency and perseverance catapulted her into wanting to reform education policy. While in D.C., Farrah has interned at a non-profit Child Care Aware of America that works with families, providers and local governments to ensure quality child care is accessible to all communities. She also interned at a bipartisan think tank, American Enterprise Institute (AEI), as an education policy intern working on the Human Dignity Project and crafting research briefs on the 2nd Chance Pell Pilot Program. She currently is working as a Policy Analyst at the Office of Management and Budget within the Federal Financial Management team serving the Executive Office of the President. At OFFM, she helps create guidance on grants management, IT spending accountability and transparency for taxpayers in accordance with the Presidential Management Agenda –  for the twenty-three agencies under the CFO Act.

Sarah Henry, Managing Print Editor
Sarah is currently pursuing her Masters of Public Administration, with a focus in Nonprofit Management. Originally from a rural Midwestern community, Sarah lived in South Florida prior to matriculating at American University, and worked in the field in a variety of state and local campaigns, developing a deep respect for grassroots activism. Through her volunteer and professional work with various nonreligious and secular organizations, Sarah has developed a passion for creating more inclusive spaces throughout the country, with a focus on spaces for secular children and families. Sarah currently works as the Communications Associate at the American Humanist Association, and is excited to continue her education and passion projects in the capital of the country.

Tysianna Marino, Communications Director
Tysianna is originally from Pascagoula, MS. In growing up in the rural south and observing first hand the ways that poverty and race work together to determine the life trajectories of many, she was inspired to pursue her Master’s in Public Policy, with a concentration in Social Policy at American University. Ultimately, Tysianna aspires to return to Mississippi to leverage her knowledge as an activist and policy writer on the state level by working with legislators to revise anti-poverty policy initiatives. The combination of poverty and race has proved to be a influencer of educational outcomes, housing opportunities, and likelihood of coming in contact with the criminal justice system. Because Tysianna believes that this multifaceted problem deserves a complex, nuanced approached, she has dedicated  her life to figuring out what that looks like in practice. She currently serves as a Policy Associate at the Department of Homeland Security Headquarters where she is working with a team to develop a grants management training system for all DHS grant recipients.

Alex Gillett, Treasurer 

Lauren Kostich, Events Coordinator 

Ramon Rubio, Associate Online Editor 

Brittany Webb, Associate Print Editor 

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  1. Good story on the polling industry. I had hoped I could have found some reporting on the size and scale of the industry. Media narratives rely heavily on the data, since the data itself becomes a story. Even if the data and methods would eventually be proven mostly unreliable, is the industry so big, so pervasive, and so baked-into the 24-hour news cycle that it could never be scrapped, only endlessly tweaked?


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