Health, Justice, Race & Ethnicity

COVID-19 Exposes Inhumanity in the Social Justice System

Call to Action and Curving the Spread of COVID-19 by Christ-Shamma Matalbert, resident editor & columnist COVID-19 has and continues to impact each of us differently; however, the pandemic has further revealed how the United States has continuously failed to address the country’s disparities. COVID-19 has shown Americans that minority communities are the most vulnerable and […]

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Immigration, International

Addressing Northern Triangle Migration Through U.S. Foreign Aid

by Parnian Abunasr-Shiraz, MPP ’22 An unprecedented number of migrants arriving in caravans from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador—referred to as the “Northern Triangle”—led the Trump Administration to act on its policy pledge to reduce illegal immigration by cutting foreign aid to the three countries in 2019. But cutting foreign aid to these Northern Triangle […]

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Economics, Environment & Energy

Biden’s Climate Plan and the Need to Fix Federal Job Training Programs

by Amanda Hermans, managing online editor Federal job training and worker assistance programs have been around in the U.S. since the New Deal-era programs implemented by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 1930s. The goal seems obvious: to provide opportunities and resources for training and education that will keep Americans employed through recessions, shifting industries […]

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COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Must be Equitable and Cooperative

by Samuel Murray, columnist The COVID-19 pandemic may feel like it is never going to end. In the United States alone, we are seeing a surge larger than ever, with over the 150,000 new cases daily hitting most severely across middle America and growing in the Northeast and West. However, a recent development may completely […]

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We May Be on the Cusp of Substantive Drug Policy Reform

by Samuel Murray, columnist The 2020 election has brought high levels of anxiety, longer than normal vote counts, and a massive voter turnout. Both candidates have received more votes than any other presidential candidate in United States’ history, beating former President Obama’s record in 2008. One benefit that may come out of this election cycle, […]

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Economics, Health

Utilizing Modern Monetary Theory to Provide COVID-19 Relief to the American People

by Erin Williams, managing print editor Since the start of the COVID-19 global health pandemic, Congress has authorized approximately $3 trillion of relief to businesses, corporations, individuals, state and local governments and more. However, the largest portion of spending went toward businesses and corporations (about $1.86 trillion), more than double the amount provided for individual […]

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Environment & Energy

Comparing Joe Biden and Donald Trump’s Climate Plans

by Samuel Murray, columnist In such a crucial election, it can be difficult to focus directly on the issues, rather than simply voting in opposition to the other major party candidate. But issues are important and can be defining features of a campaign or presidential legacy. Focusing on key issues could in theory detract from […]

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America Needs a New Progressive Era to Restore Democracy

by Ryan Fisher, resident editor Public confidence in the federal government has reached historic lows. Only 20 percent of Americans trust the government in Washington, D.C., to do what is right most or all of the time. Congressional job approval hovers at 17 percent, and public opinion of the Supreme Court has tightened to 53 […]

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Justice, Race & Ethnicity

Reimagining American Policing

by Samuel Murray, columnist The United States may be undergoing the largest civil rights movement in American history. The Black Lives Matter protests, beginning on May 26 and surging in June, emerged in response to the police killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, the murder of a jogger Ahmed Arbury, and the racial profiling […]

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