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#GunControl: An Update Since Parkland’s Tragedy

By: Alex Gillett The U.S. media is constantly reporting on a mass shooting, in what seems like every few weeks. Casualties from gun violence are so prevalent, we almost have become numb to them and feel like we are waiting for the next one. In a rare, but tragic event, one survivor of the Las […]

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Buckle Up, America: We’re Going to Feel the Effects of Healthcare Rule Changes and Mandate Repeal

By: Annaliese Johnson Back in July of 2018, the Trump Administration issued new rules that expanded short-term limited-duration insurance (STLDI) plans and association health plans (AHPs). Congress also reduced the tax penalty of the individual mandate to $0 starting in 2019, and a Federal judge found the individual mandate unconstitutional (though the Supreme Court may […]

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Why Are Our Elections So Broken?

By: Kimberly McKee Now that we have had time to recover from the mid-term elections and the holidays, perhaps it is a good time to examine U.S. electoral systems. If your circle of friends is like mine, you have probably had countless conversations about how “broken” the system is: spoiler candidates, virtual hopelessness of third-party […]

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Threats to Overturn Birthright Citizenship

By: Shea Lamanna  President Trump has recently spoken publicly about his skepticism over the United States’ Birthright Citizenship Policy. The discussion over the revocation of Birthright Citizenship has emerged as a potential strategy to lower the number of individuals in the United States as a result of immigration and to prevent the availability of citizenship […]

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