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An “Alternative Fact:” Muslim Refugees Are Not a Threat to America

During his Presidential campaign, Donald Trump called for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.” Less than a month into his presidency, Mr. Trump attempted to uphold this promise by signing an executive order prohibiting immigrants and visa-holders from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States for 120 days. This […]

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A Conversation with a Syrian Refugee in America

Five years of civil war in Syria has produced what many are calling the largest humanitarian crisis of our time: 4.6 million Syrians have been registered as refugees outside of Syria, half of whom are under age 18. At least 6.6 million Syrians are internally displaced. One voice often absent from the media debate surrounding […]

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Guest Worker Programs and the 2016 Election

Immigration has emerged as a major issue on both sides of the 2016 Presidential campaign. While Democrats’ sanctuary cities and Trump’s proposed wall along the border have dominated the immigration debate thus far, guest worker programs have also proven to be a key component of candidates’ immigration proposals on both sides of the aisle. Marco […]

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Refugee Resettlement in the United States

In 2014, nearly 60 million people around the world were displaced from their homes due to unsafe living conditions, more than any other time since World War II (WWII). The ongoing conflict in Syria had led to an unforeseen influx of refugees in Europe, bringing global attention to the complex issues of migration. Last month, President Obama agreed to receive 10,000 Syrian […]

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